b'Legends Elongated EleganceLegend Jewelry offers these vibrant gemstones cut in unique shapes and colors set with diamonds. The collection is crafted in 14kt, white, rose, and yellow gold and features rings, pendants, necklaces and earrings MSRP $499 to $2,499. For more information call 866-607-3098Branded Assortments Pohl Jewelry Design the Spring Garden CollectionMichouhasselectedthebestofthebestfortheirnewItems in the new collection feature retailpartners,takingtheguessworkoutoftheiropeningthecolorsofSpringpink,green, order.Michouhascreatedtwoassortmentsthatcomehoney, aquamarine and include pink merchandisedonbrandeddisplay.BestoftheBest,isatourmaline,peridot,honeyquartz, mix of collections perfectly suited for the coming season. Theaquamarines, zircon and apatite. second assortment, Poseidons Treasures, features Michous bestselling Poseidons Treasures Collection. There is no overlapIt is a bright, sunlight filled collection in the collections for stores that choose to do both. For moreofearrings,necklaces,pendants information call 828-683-7824 or visit www.michou.net andbraceletsthatcoverthe completespectrumofsimplebut sophisticatedandfunaccessories that will add a pizazz to Spring and Summer wardrobes. For more information at visit www.pohljewelrydesign.com or call 913-220-5412.Ovadia Retools to Serve Medical WorkersLong-time manufacturer of jewelry displays Ovadia Corporation has retooled to produce face shields, vital personal protective equipment(PPE),tosupportourmedicalworkersagainst COVID-19.OvadiasinitialrunofPPEwasfundedthrough generous donationsincluding of many jewelers across the USanddistributedtohospitals,nursinghomes,andfirstTHE RETAIL JEWELER |67'