Ten years ago when there were more jewelry maga- zines failing than succeeding and the existing ones were struggling, we set out to reinvent the jewelry trade magazine. Why? Because in spite of what you’ve heard print is not dead - in fact, it is thriving in a variety of categories. We looked at what worked and what didn’t. With an impressive collective ex- pertise in marketing, pub- lishing, and the jewelry business we had a good idea of where to begin. It is said that marketing is finding a need and fill- ing it, and that’s what we did. Not being owned by a big corporation with de- mands on profits above all else gave us the flexibility to create what the market needed. A trade magazine that delivers just enough of the information jewelers want and need. The Retail Jeweler magazine provides smart, useful information, written by experts who know the jew- elry business, to help retail jewelers operate more effectively and profitably. We leave out all the stuff used to make a magazine thicker. We threw out all the crazy graphics and opted for a simple, clean layout that draws the reader in. Edit-to-Ad-Ratio: This is where the big corpora- tion profit directive comes in. Cram in as many ads as possible. We don’t think that makes for a good read and is certainly not fair to the advertisers, so we maintain a much higher edit-to-ad ratio than a corporate CFO would accept. It became apparent years ago that there is not a need for 10 or 12 monthly issues per year. We believe that timing of the issue is more impor- tant, which is why we strategically time all 8 issues around key times when the jewelers are most likely to read. The Retail Jeweler has the biggest circulation of qual- ified jewelers. It is distrib- uted to 22,000+ jewelers including every JBT listed retailer in the USA, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Is- lands. It is the largest cir- culation of professional jewelers of the leading trade magazines. The simple fact is the oth- er publications became outlandishly expensive – preventing manufacturers and designers from reach- ing their customers, the retail jeweler. Without big overhead we are able to offer outstanding value for significantly less than the other leading trade magazines. It turns out we were right. We are immensely proud of the kudos we receive from the multitude of jewelers who tell us how the magazine hits the mark. And we are just as proud of the service and results we provide to our adver- tisers. We smile every time one tells us, “I know the magazine is out when my phone starts ringing.” Legend Jewelry Qayten Bellarri The Official Magazine of The Independent Jeweler • Volume 10, Issue 5 • July/August 2019 The Official Magazine of The Independent Jeweler • Volume 10, Issue 5 • July/August 2019 Actor Tichina Arnold Ten Years Already? Thank you. 10th