b'elastomermaterial.Overalllengthis125mm(5)withanIGS Creative is a full-service creative agency based in Midtown opening tip width of 10mm (0.40). Should the tips wear down,NYC, that caters to the jewelry industry. Their state-of-the-art they can be replaced quickly and easily. Made in Japan. photography studio is constantly churning out beautiful, high-quality jewelry photography and video, and they would like for For more information contact Gesswein at 203-366-5400 orall TRJ Retailers and Manufacturers to achieve the goals listed visit www.gesswein.com above. Therefore, theyd like to offer all TRJ readers a special 15% off discount off of their standard pricing for all studio services during the month of October 2020. Retail stores, are encouraged to urge your partner brands and manufacturers to reach out on your behalf and take advantage of this special offer so that you both can achieve your goals of success.Velvet Masks To take advantage of this offer email brian@igsny.com or call me 212-255-4323 x308 and use the code THERETAILJEWELER.Azazie has launched velvet masks to coincide with their array of beautiful velvet evening wear gowns! These masks are theEdenta CeraGloss Setperfect accessory this upcoming holiday season and look great with evening wear and luxurious fine jewelry. They also makeGessweinoffersCeraGlosswheelsbyEdenta.Theyare for great stocking stuffers. Available now for just $2.50 each atproducedwithapatentedceramictechnologythatgives www.Azazie.com! outstandingpolishingresultswithoutpolishingpastesor compounds. The color-coded CeraGloss wheels, when used in successive order of Coarse/Green, Medium/Blue and Fine/Yellow, will provide a high-polish, high-gloss finish that gives a brilliant and reflective appearance. CeraGloss wheels are ideal for working on stainless steel, steel, palladium, platinum, titanium, ceramic, and gemstones. The Coarse/Green wheel (145-1391) is a pre-polisher, ideal for smoothing down rough surfaces and light material removal. First Impressions are Everything, PhotographicallyThenusetheMedium/Bluewheel(145-1392)asageneral Speaking finisher,idealforscratchremoval.Youwillobtainthefinal You only get one chance to excite someone, engage them,high-gloss mirror finish when you end by using the Yellow/Fine entice them to want to see more. So why would you squanderwheel (145-1393). These wheels are also sold in a convenient that chance? Why would you try to save a few bucks on inferiorset of 3, one of each grade. Each CeraGloss wheels measure photography, when that might be the only chance you get to25mm X 2.5mm (1 X 0.10) and are mounted on a 2.35mm capture someones attention? (3/32) shank. Overall length is 50mm (2). Max RPM is 5,000. Made in Switzerland.When you go on a first date, arent you going to take extra time making sure that you look like the best possible version of yourself? If you have an important meeting, arent you going to dress the part, and try to exude confidence, so that you have the best chance of closing the deal? Why should it be any different when it comes to promoting your jewelry brand. You should be spending extra time making sure that what youre going to show the world represents its ideal visual. Then, and only then, can you confidently blast it out for the world to potentially, and hopefully, see. Because if your goal is to sell a beautiful piece of jewelry, then you should do everything you can to have the best chance of success and that starts with the perfect photograph.52 | The Jewelry Business Magazine'