b'CG Creations Restarts Local Economies While EDITORS NOTE Thanking First RespondersI received this extraordinary email from Joann Osborne,OntheothersideoftheCOVID-19pandemic,apowerful a state legislator from Arizona wrote to her constituency.justification for a meaningful purchase will be to treat one of Joanne, along with her husband Ken, own Osborne Jewelersour dedicated, hard-working essential First Responders with a in Goodyear, AZ. I thought it had particular application to ourgift of appreciation. CG Creations is proud to introduce their jewelry industry. I hope you enjoy reading her story as muchFirstResponderscollectionwiththedonationofasterling as I did. silver Nurse Necklace to each of their reopening Retailers.To my Fellow Business Owners Reopeningtheretailjewelryindustryinthenewpost-COVID economy will be a complicated journey, as consumers I am a Mom and Pop, brick and mortar retailer. experienceunprecedentedfinancialuncertainty.Inorder tojumpstartbusinessmomentumandgetlocaleconomies I will never forget the day, long ago, a few years after wehummingagain,retailersarefacedwiththechallengeof went in to business. We didnt have enough money to payclaiming that initial ice-breaker purchase.our stores rent and an early morning call from our alarmThroughout the pandemic, we have all been encouraged by company was quite the shock. My husband ran down totheendlessdevotionofourFirstResponders,abeaconof meetthepoliceatourjewelrystore,sureenough,ourcompassion in difficult times. This has inspired CG Creations front doors had been opened, but not by thieves, but bytodotheirpartinrevitalizingtheindustrywiththeirFirst our landlord locking us out because we hadnt paid theResponders Collection and promotional materials.rent. This was the longest day and a half we had to be closed. Pawning my jewelry and begging for money fromThe First Responders ZABLE selections honor nurses, police our family was how we got back open.officers,firefightersandallthecourageousindividualswho Fast forward to today - this November, we will have beenneverfailtoleadthewayfortherestofus.TheZABLEinbusinessfor30yearsandwehavebeenclosedforCollection of sterling silver beads and charms is compatible over a month. with all European-style charm bracelets. Please understand, not only as a business owner, but alsoFrom their Wind & Fire Collection, thank First Responders as an Arizona Legislator, I have been fighting for you. Iwith Eco-Sustainable Expandable Bangles, Made in the USA know how badly you have wanted to keep your employeefrom reclaimed and recycled materials, as well as beaded wrap team together, how worried youve been that the profitablebracelets made of natural stones, and sterling silver necklaces.Spring, which gets us through the summer months, hasCG Creations is grateful for the opportunity to pay it forward been shortened, and I know how badly you need to getwith their First Responders promotion and at the same time back open.help jump-start their retailers with complimentary laminated CounterCardsthatfeaturetheperfectgiftselectionsto We are slowly opening, knowing that our customers reallysuggest to your customers. CG Creations will provide the first are all over the spectrum of how they feel about this virus -item at no charge with any order, to assist in the cost of any from no concern, to cautiously ready, and to flat out fearful.special pricing you choose to offer.You know your industry and I know we all learn from eachCall CG Creations at 800-431-1606 or email sales@cgcreations.others Best Practices. Put protocols in place, plan for acom for more information.third quarter promotion, advertise, budget, pray, and findRembrandt Charms Introduces Covid-19 Collectionsomething to cheer about each day! In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Rembrandt Charms We are ready to work and Rock-n-Roll! is proud to introduce a line of charms specific to Covid-19. Thiscollectionfeaturescharmsdesignedtoshowsupport for all those affected by the virus, including first responders, 62 | The Jewelry Business Magazine'