14 | The Jewelry Business Magazine 02 K Kane It all started in 2010 when Katherine Kane designer behind the celebrity adorned brand, K. Kane developed her own line. After working at one of the world’s beloved diamond houses and finishing her MBA at Duke, Katherine developed her personal style into wearable and personalized jewelry. What makes this diamond pave stud set in 14K white gold modernly chic, is the hand painted vibrant enamel finish over the gold prong. The enamel prong element is available in various bright colored finishes. Retail for single $690 and the pair $1,380. 646.559.4935 There are many interesting techniques designers use to create different exterior finishes and textured elements. Developing character into jewelry creates depth, unique design expression and cosmetic artistry. We see from ancient gold masters that textured elements have been a part of jewelry design for thousands of years. I style shopped some modern designs that showoff creative and unique facades. {Texture & Technique} 01 925SUNEERA Handmade in LA, designer Ana Swarup joined her mother in fine jewelry design and launched .925Suneera in 2017. I’ve been drawn to the brands ability to create urbane collections for both woman and men. The brands signature texture which is a unique process of wax castings is iconic for the brand. I love the causal elegance of this everyday sterling silver cuff with champagne diamond. Retail $1,280. 310.598.5010 03 Alex Sepkus A legend in artistry and attention to detail, master jeweler Alex Sepkus brings us beauty and depth to each handcrafted piece. The intensive design process starts with the immediate carving and hammering into either wax or silver using custom tools. Intimate elements can be seen at any angle and you will stare at them over and over. This 18K yellow gold multi color sapphire and diamond ring, named Summer Flowers is embodied with detail after detail. Retail $4,570. 212.391.8466 By Jackie LeBental 04 Elisabeth Bell Jewelry Inspired by the beauty of nature and its connection through jewelry, fine arts metal smith Elisabeth Yorn creates simple but powerful motifs through out her collections. I’ve been a personal admirer of her work and when I came across her custom silhouette pendant hand made in Los Angeles in 14K gold with a unique French enamel finish, I knew I had to share it. You start by choosing one of 200 colors for the French enamel finish (shown here in pink), email your profile picture and the production begins. Small and large sizes available. Retail $2,785- $3,725. 628.777.3603 Jackie LeBental Jackie LeBental an industry expert and owner of Barri Luxury Consulting, provides designer brands and retailers with personalized business solutions and extensive industry guidance. With over 10 years of sales management, growth driven results and passion for creative thinking she offers a fresh and honest approach to your business model. To contact Jackie for questions or a business analysis you can email her at Jackie@barri.onmicrosoft.com and follow her on Instagram at Barriluxco.