b'JEWELERS SECURITYALLIANCE RECCOMENDATIONSFOR STORE REOPENINGSBy John KennedyDespite the fact that a relatively small number of jewelry stores have been open, JSA is seeing a significant level of violent jewelry crime. JSA believes that as more stores and states re-open, criminals who had to be idle for the last month or two are likely to cause an explosion of crime. This is a time for jewelers to be extremely vigilant about security as well as health and safety.Below are JSAs security recommendations for store re-openings.1 Following reopening jewelers should keep the door locked7 Ifajewelerhasfurloughedorpermanentlylaidoff and have an employee or security guard admit a very smallemployees, the issue of store and showcase keys, alarm number of people at a time. The security guard or employeecodes and safe combinations becomes a security question if at the door can also act as a greeter. A buzzer system may bethe keys and information are in the possession of the former very helpful, and all customers admitted need to be wearing aemployees. The jeweler may need to make changes to prevent mask. In mall locations and locations without a locked door, anany future misuse.employee or security guard should control the entranceway.8 Jewelers may wish to shorten or adjust their store hours, 2 If a jeweler wishes to have a person remove a mask,especially so they are not the only open business in a it needs to be while the person is outside the store.given neighborhood.However,therearelimitations:variousjurisdictionsrequire masks to be worn, and the person cant be asked to remove a9 If you engage in curbside pickup:mask before any other nearby people are moved away.A.You need to look out for criminals who may be waiting 3 Criminalstryingtoconcealtheiridentityordinarilynearby, probably in cars, and watching your store, putting will use more than a surgical mask, and will use hats,both the jeweler and the customer at risk.hoodies and sunglasses in addition to a mask. Some peopleB.Curbside pick-up of repairs or items ordered online or by at the door may be wearing scarves, bandanas or rolled teephone should be paid by credit card before pick-up.shirts rather than masks. If a jeweler feels someone is trying toC.Two employees should cooperate on the delivery, one conceal their identity, or is not sufficiently protected without a mask, the person should not be admitted to the locked storesurveilling the area and handling the door, while the other at all, whether they remove the mask or scarf outside or not. goes to the car for delivery.D.Donothavefixedorpostedhoursforpick-up,which Customers should not be asked to remove a mask insideshould be by appointment with the car description and 4the store, putting the health of the jeweler, employeeslicense plate number obtained beforehand.andcustomersatrisk,orpossiblyprovokingacriminaltoE.Customers arranging for curbside pick-up should be told become violent. a designated area as close to the front of the store as possible, and visible from inside the store.5 SocialdistancingneedstobemaintainedinsidetheF. Know the details and limits of your jewelers block insurance store for both employees and customers. coverage when you deliver merchandise outside the store. 6 The installation of a camera focusing to the outside ofG. Let your local police know you are re-opening and will be the store is very useful as a security tool, and will also beengaging in curbside pick-up so that additional patrols helpful in admitting customers to a store. can be made to your location.10 | The Jewelry Business Magazine Continued to Pg 40'