32 | The Jewelry Business Magazine Continued to Pg 64 Melis Goral - Reimagined Art Deco Coming from a family of renowned jewelers, Istanbul-born designer Melis Goral grew up with jewelry, design and the undeniable influence of craftsmanship that have impacted her imagination from early on. She received her fine arts degree in Jewelry Design at the prestigious Instituto Europeo di Design in Milan, Italy, and has also spent many years in New York. The brand that she began in 2008 has received much attention from celebrities as well as the jewelry and fashion industries. Her high-end designs are chic and magical. Adorned with gold, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, onyx, and lapis lazuli, the range of designs is an ode to the Art Deco era. The culturally influenced designer’s ultimate aim is to accentuate - with intricate yet delicate details - the impeccable grace of modern day women who value elegance above all. Melis Goral’s intricate jewelry consists of custom-cut gemstones and extraordinary designs. The brand’s newest Mirror Collection highlights the reflection of the illusion. Through multi-cultural influences and her vast world travels, Melis draws inspiration for her collections from nature as well as culture. Distinctive designs consist of custom-cut rubies, aquamarines, citrines, and quartz delicately entwined with 14K gold. Visit www.melisgoral.com for more information. SGL Labs Adds New Warranty And Policies For Dia Screen™ As a direct result of the myriad of comments and concerns voiced by retailers at the recent JCK Show in Las Vegas, SGL has implemented new warranties and policies to protect retailers (and manufacturers) who purchase Dia Screen™, their lab grown diamond detector. SGL’s Dia Screen™ is the only loose and mounted lab grown diamond detector that is supported and sold by a gemological laboratory. The above statement allows SGL to help eliminate some of those concerns about the different instruments available on the market today. Here is how only SGL can protect your purchase, and ease your concerns: •  Free Upgrades - Software upgrades are available free for the life of the machine. •  Replacement - If an upgraded version of the machine is ever introduced, SGL offers a generous buy-back policy so you can replace your machine with the new, upgraded model. •  Warranty - Dia Screen™ comes with a one year warranty. But if anything happens to the machine after one year, it can be shipped to SGL for repair. •  Result Consultation - If you would like any of the images you are seeing on the screen referred for further testing (RFT), Dia Screen™ allows you to save and send SGL those images. They will then have their gemologists view the images and report back to you. •  Product Screening - As an option, you can also send the stones or jewelry to their lab, and they will screen, grade and/or issue a report for your pieces at a 40% discount. •  In addition, SGL is offering all Dia Screen customers a $250 credit for any lab services offered. This includes screening, grading, and/or reporting…loose or mounted, natural or lab grown. For more information call 929-390-5252, ext. 102, Mirror Collection Trio Collection Deep Sea Collection Harmony Collection