64 | The Jewelry Business Magazine Lab Grown Diamond Council Hits Las Vegas Running The recently launched Lab Grown Diamond Council (LGDC) debuted at the Las Vegas Shows this year introducing a series of initiatives designed to both increase the awareness of and demand for Lab Grown Diamonds. “Lab Grown Diamonds were the talk of the shows with several standing room only educational sessions at both JCK and Couture,” said Chris Casey, President of the LGDC. “The floor activity for both Loose and Finished Lab Grown Diamonds was phenomenal. We met with every major Grower and Supplier, whether jewelry manufacturer, wholesaler or brand, all of whom reported a very positive Vegas experience.” The LGDC presented the “Four pillars” of its initial market focus. They are: • Education – The Council is creating a series of educational pieces detailing the Lab Grown Diamond opportunity for Retail Store Owners and Retail Sales Associates. •  Research – The Council is developing two tracks of research. The first will target consumer attitudes toward Lab Grown Diamonds. The second will detail monthly retail sales performance of Lab Grown Diamonds, both loose and finished, by price point and product type. •  Consumer Awareness – The Council is creating a content focused consumer awareness presence on key social media platforms. •  Sustainability – The Council has retained SCS Global to develop a third-party Sustainability Standard and Certification program for Lab Grown Diamonds. “Each of the LGDC initiatives were developed based upon the direction of our Advisory Committee comprised of Growers, Suppliers, Retailers and Labs,” said Michael Barlerin, Chairman of the LGDC. “Chris and I were gratified by the level of support at the Vegas shows for our efforts from all facets of the industry. Barlerin added, “We look forward to holding a follow-up event, primarily for growers, on July 30th in New York in conjunction with the JA National Convention.” The formation of the Lab Grown Diamond Council was announcedonMay15th,2019.TheLGDC’sMissionStatementis: The Lab Grown Diamond Council (LGDC) is the leading Association serving the International Lab Grown Diamond Industry. LGDC provides detailed market research, including retail sales measurement and consumer acceptance; creates third party verified sustainability standards for Lab Grown