THERETAIL JEWELER | 61 Martha Seely Martha Seely offers unique designs that speak to the woman who wants to make an individual statement. 617-899-2162 MSRP: $1,245. Kelim Kelim’s designs allow each woman to express herself in contemporary sterling elegance. 301-448-7367 MSRP: $145. Kir Collection Kir regularly interacts with retailers on social media commenting, liking and sharing contenct, always keeping an authentic voice. 303-530-1268 MSRP: $780. Frederic Duclos Frederic Duclos’ goal is to capture the fundamental qualities of a woman’s features, and complement them with refined sterling silver embellishment. 714-898-3636 MSRP: $235. 7 11 8 9 Lafonn Lafonn’s mission is to provide every woman an opportunity to own a beautiful, well-made piece of sterling silver jewelry at a price that is within reach. 855.2lafonn MSRP: $1,245. 10 By Gloria Maccaroni