b'By AuthorNo matter what stage of reopening you are when reading thiswe know that the last 6-7 months have been like no other. From lockdown to reopening, to spikes these recent times have been like no other in global history. No matter what stage of recovery, we have learned that: The consumer is open to trying new ways to shop The consumer prefers to shop locallyThe consumer wants convenience This means that the consumer is expecting a new Retail ExperienceBy Gloria Maccaroni THE CONSUMER IS OPEN TO TRYING NEW WAYS TO SHOPWe know the advent of COVID-19 shifted a significant part to shopping online, but was surprising is the Adobe Analytics May 2020 Indexs key finding was that e-commerce shopping levels during COVID-19 (April to May) were higher than what retailers saw during the 2019 holiday season (November to December).Indeed, consumers spent over $153 billion online in April & May, which is 7%$52 billionhigher than the $142.5 billion spent online during November and December 2019.Additionally, the recorded online spend is $52 billion more than what retailerstypically see during April and May.Many people, especially Millennial shoppers shopped more online than everbefore and were pleased with their shopping experience. This same customer $142.5$153group is apprehensive to return to a physical store to shop, so why billion billionnot target this customer group with a targeted marketing plan and by postingyour top ten best sellers for this audience? Again, create an engaging,welcoming retail experience. Nov & Dec 19 Apr & May 2018 | The Jewelry Business Magazine'