b'KEEPYOUR JEWELRY BUSINESS AND DATA SECUREWhen a tragedy like COVID-19 strikes the risk of cyber-attacks and scams by criminals rises. Here are a few stepsGENERAL SAFETY GUIDELINESyou can take to mitigate your businesss vulnerabilities Enable your closed to business practices and when it comes to cyber-attacks: review your insurance coverage.Only use secured wireless providers to gain internetDo not advertise that your business is closed for accessandencryptyourroutertoprotectyouran extended period due to COVID-19 as that connection. could make you a target for burglary. Computers should be frequently checked with anti- Provide local law enforcement with current contact numbers. malware, anti-spyware, and anti-virus software.Maintain copies of inventory records and employee, vendor, If you are on a website that seems suspicious, leave itsupplier, agent, and customer contact information at an offsite immediately. location. Properly dispose of sensitive information byObtain from the landlord or property management (if applicable) destroying or wiping hard drives. a copy of their business continuity plan and the process that you can use in the event of an alarm notification.Back-up your information. Create a plan for any deliveries or shipments while your store is Jewelers Vigilance Committeeclosed.(JVC) also provided the followingFollow the advice of the Centers for Disease Control, the World practical tips for keeping yourHealth Organization and the Public Health Agency of Canada for data secure: guidance.Change your passwords often. SAFETY AND SECURITY EDUCATION FOR JEWELRY BUSINESSESReview your bank accounts, credit cards and payment processing accounts. Fraudulent transactions are onIts a great time to learn more about loss prevention the rise, so you want to be vigilant about checkingfor your business. Jewelers Mutual is providing access every transaction from a secure internet connectionat no cost to the entire jewelry community to JM University during and up-to-date computer. this timean online learning tool that includes interactive modulesDo not answer calls from unknown numbers and hangthat focus on topics such as:up on robocalls. If someone important is calling you,Safeguard your propertyand yourselfwhile away from your they will likely leave a voicemail. businessDo not click on links contained in texts or emailsIdentify potential weaknesses in your securitywithout verifying the identity of the recipient.Cyber-securityScammers are impersonating agencies such as the Center for Disease Control and may evenTo make sure all facets of your business are properly covered, work impersonate your coworkers or family members. with an agent that is an expert in jewelers block insurance. Beware of fraudulent text alerts that appear to be from common carriers like UPS, FedEx and do not click links contained in any of these alerts. David SextonVerify the senders of your emails and texts prior toDavid Sexton is vice president of loss prevention answering or forwarding any messages. Phishingconsulting at Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company. criminals are clever and may send you a fraudulentHeadquartered in Neenah, Wis., Jewelers Mutual is the only nsurance company in the U.S. and Canada that message with anything from one small digit or letterspecializes exclusively in protecting the jewelry industry off from a legitimate email.and individuals jewelry.18 | The Jewelry Business Magazine'