18 | The Jewelry Business Magazine Continued to Pg 20 The customers’ experience has always been serene and relaxed when they enter Green Bros. But, it needed updating. What did we have to improve? First, redesign the Jewelers’ area – orga- nizing the shop for better repair and stone setting work flow; al- lowing for two jewelers’ benches with laser welding; creating a separate polishing area. In addition, a separate Custom Design Room with CAD/CAM capability for design and model making was added. Gary Green, one of the owners and the senior jew- eler, can still be approached directly off the retail floor but secu- rity has been improved with the creation of two new offices that acknowledge the customers when they walk directly back into the Jewelers’ shop. One of those offices is an improved staff room with working space for five salespeople. The other is a new Inventory Office that has a window onto the floor for additional security. Allen Green got a new office, and the Bookkeeping and Kitchen were upgraded. Finally, the Storage Room at the back of the store was reorganized for better function. So often all the money is spent on the Retail part of the store – but improv- ing the store design to help the support staff and their part in the business is equally important. Money is made in the details. Green Brothers Jewelers – OPERATIONS DRIVE DESIGN By Ruth Melergaard This story started with a random remark of mine to Allen Green – “you have beautiful jewelry, but your store doesn’t do it justice”. The journey began. This store had once been 2 stores combined to create the current single jewelry store. Part of the wall dividing the original stores had been removed, and the wall remaining partially divided the showroom in half. At the front of the store, on the left side, a raised 6” platform had been constructed to cover an old, uneven store entrance, creating a dead space in the showroom. Dated case layout and lighting did not do justice to the fine merchandise on display. The support spaces located at the rear of the showroom needed improvement for employees to do their work effectively.