b'TABLE OF CONTENTS 25NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2019Frank Dallahan08 Christmas Sales ForecastDavid Brown 10 How to Hire a Manager Effectively 27Bill Boyajian 12 Up Your Sales Game! David Sexton14 Guarded Moments: Security Guards in Retail Jewelry Stores Jim Ackerman18 Marketing Strategy vs. Marketing Tactics Jackie LeBental20 Get Connected with The AGTA 35Mia Katrin22 Keys to Effective Communication Gloria Macaroni 24 Boost Holiday Sales With Sterling Tips and Styles Jackie LeBental34 Look Book: #HEARTJEWELRYOBSESSED36 New and NoteworthyJim Rocchio5452 Tips For Successful Debt Collection 54 The Style Page58 Center Stage60 Advertisers IndexCOVER: Models are wearing jewelry from Gumuchians Secret Garden Collection.On left; Diamond and blue agate earrings in 18kt gold, RBC diamonds 0.20ctw, blue agate motifs, MSRP $2,000. Diamond and blue agate necklace in 18kt gold, RBC diamonds 3.39ctw, 5 blue agate motifs, MSRP718 Main Street, FL2, Boonton, NJ 07005$14,000. Diamond pendant necklace in 18kt gold, 20 RBC diamondsAndrew Kohler 973-263-2498 ext 18andy@theretailjeweler.com0.45ctw, with 16 chain, MSRP: $2,400. Diamond necklace in 18kt gold,Edward Coyne 908-637-8461edcoyne@theretailjeweler.com56 RD diamonds 1.48ctw , 40 Length (1.7mm Chain), MSRP: $9,000. 18kt rose gold and diamond ring, 65 RD diamonds 1.25ctw, MSRP: $6,000.Frank Dallahan 267-229-2475frank@theretailjeweler.comDiamond bracelet in 18kt gold, RBC diamonds 0.88ctw, princess cut diamonds 0.90ctw, MSRP: $12,000.On right; Convertible necklace with detachable bracelet in 18kt gold,Get Real Time Metal Prices,112 RD diamonds 1.96ctw, 147 princess cut diamonds 7.84ctw, 35 Length, MSRP: $54,000. Diamond earrings in 18kt gold, 14 RBC diamonds 0.60ctw, MSRP: $4,400. Bracelet inNews, and Updatesevery day18kt gold with 24 RBC diamonds 0.60ctw,MSRP: $4,000.For additional information call 212-588-7089. at www.TheRetailJeweler.comThe Retail Jeweler is published eight times per year January/February, March/April, May, June, July/August, September, October and, November/December by TRJ Publishing, LLC. 718 Main Street, FL2 Boonton, NJ 07005. TRJ Publishing LLC is not responsible for errors, omissions or Designed, Produced andtypographical errors. Advertisers are solely responsible for the content and accuracy of their advertising.Copyright 20103 TRJ Publishing LLC All Printed in the USA Rights Reserved. Subscriptions: $4 per copy; $32 per year.6 | The Jewelry Business Magazine'