b'Star Gems launches Textmechat, a Better PlatformNew Select Jewelry Show in Tucsonfor Independent Jewelers Going to Tucson? Go Early to Visit The Select Jewelry Show.StarGemsnewplatformTextmechathelpsindependentSelect Jewelry Shows has added Select Tucson to its successful retail jewelers interact with their customers more easily andline up. The exciting new Tucson event is being held at the economically than ever before. Textmechats all-in-one inboxluxurious Westin La Paloma Resort in Tucson, Arizona on February for communicating with clients takes texting to a new level,2-3,2020.SelectTucsonwillbeinkeepingwiththeSelect surpassing the more costly options. Retailers are switchingShow formula that works so well. A two-day event featuring to Textmechat because they can achieve the same thing, and53 renowned designers and brands hosting invited retailers.more, for a lower price, says Star Gems President and CEO Anish Desai. While other platforms charge more than $300 perTheSelectTucsonscheduleofSundayandMondayworks month, Textmechat costs only $75, plus a one-time setup feeperfectlyforbetterretailerscomingtotownforTucsons of $100. importantgemshows.Itwilltransitionseamlesslyintothe kick-off of the major gem shows that open on the following We had built a platform of two-way texting in our Customday,Tuesday,February4thsuchasAGTAGemFair.Itdoes Studio app, so we pulled it out and made it a stand-alonenot interfere or overlap with the main Tucson shows. Select platform, Desai says. We have that ability to build a platformprovides buyers the opportunity to meet with well-known fine specifically for independent retail jewelers. Textmechat offersjewelry designers and top tier manufacturers before the other a significant savings for retailers, and thats the main reasonshows for better use of their time.theyre switching.Select Shows are known for their elegant, yet fun, and relaxedAwidgetontheretailerswebsiteallowscustomerstoatmosphere where qualified retailers receivecommunicate with the retailer instantly and directly. Likewise, Two complimentary nights at the host hotel.theretailercanreachouttoacustomerwithimmediateDelicious breakfast, lunch, and afternoon wine service & hors information, photos and news of sales or upcoming events.doeuvres both days.Along with the lower price, group messaging sets Textmechat $10,000 total give away raffles both days (to be spent on the apart from earlier platforms that dont offer the speedy tool.buying floor).Subscriberscancategorizetheircommunications,tailoring A fun cocktail party Sunday evening for mingling and their messages to specific groups.networkingTextmechats inbox stores everything safely; all communicationFor more information or to register to fromdifferentchannelsismanagedinthesingleinbox,attend go to SelectJewelryShow.com, eliminatingmissedcallsandmiscommunication.Textmechatemail: Tucson@SelectJewelryShow.com organizes contact lists, messages, past inquiries and order statusor call: 844-285-1103.via a fast, easy-to-use dashboard. The platform includes a link to the retailers Google Reviews page; request a 5-star review, and the link makes it easy for happy customers to tap one in.Just a few comments from retailers already using Textmechat: We love it. It does everything Podium does and more for a lot less money . . . I love the program. I got 5 new reviews in less than a week . . . Its been exactly what we need atThe Westin La Paloma Resort, site of the Select Jewelry Show, is nestled a fraction of the price ofin the foothills of Tucsons Santa Catalina Mountains. Tucson is the ideal some other options. venue for you to network with jewelers and discover new suppliers.36 | The Jewelry Business Magazine Continued to Pg 40'