b'HIT THERESETBUTTONThe Coronavirus has been an invisible wave sweeping the planet,transforming all 8 billion inhabitants, a catalyst and disruptor. Nature hasset the reset button. Nows a perfect time for us to do that as well, to step backand take stock of our goals, methodologies and procedures in this altered world.FIVE TIPS FOR NAVIGATING THE NEW LANDSCAPE.By Mia Katrin1 .DECLUTTER YOUR LIFE. Marie Kondo, the Japanese organizing consultant, advocates decluttering your life. Her KonMari method, based on Shinto principles, involves going through all your possessions, one by one, and throwing out everything that does not spark joy in your life. Its a transformative process, one that forces you to evaluate whats meaningful in your life. You start by going through your house, office, and business, including closets and garages and throwing out or giving away anything you do not need or use, old catalogs, records no longer needed, mementos, books, clothes, furniture, appliances and tools. Decluttering is powerful and cathartic. Were left with a cleaner, more organized environmentand mental state. Applying her methods, we can also evaluate what we really want from life. Do we spend hours online in ways that are not productive and could be cut down? Could we add habits, like taking a daily walk, or favoring fresher, nutritious foods which would increase our energy and effectiveness?2 .REACH OUT VIRTUALLY TO EXPAND YOUR INFLUENCE. AGS Conclave and other conferences recently were held online. Facebook and Instagram are currently flooded with live events from retailers, entrepreneurs and celebrities. Your customers spend lots of time online. Go where your customers are and meet them there! See what other retailers are doing and get ideas. Check out allthe different platformsFacebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube. Try some live events, such as sales, auctions or live demonstrations (make a ring) or celebrity host ( host a designer virtually). This is one Coronavirus reset that should be maintained and developed.3 .TIME MANAGEMENT. TIME IS PRECIOUS. USE IT WISELY.Successful people use time wisely. Reset your time management skills.Delegate. Multiply yourself. The more you can have others do, the more you canaccomplish. Systematize procedures, train others and supervise. Mia Katrin Avoid procrastination. Start with the difficult tasks you tend to avoid. Break the tasksMIA Katrin is an award-winning into smaller tasks and reward yourself after accomplishing each one. Do the mostjewelry designer and creative force difficult tasks when you are freshest and most mentally alert. For many people, this isbehind Jewel Couture LLC. A leading industry voice on style and the first thing in the day.Others may get a second wind later in the day or evening design and frequently is an invited and be most productive then. speaker at trade events. Before becoming a jewelry designer MIA was a Philosophy Professor, Take regular breaks. Every hour take break for a couple minutes. If youre sitting, stand andspecializing in Aesthetics. Mia can be reached atstretch, or take some deep breaths. Youll you back to work invigorated and moreeffective.info@jeweljewel.com.Continued to Pg 3736 | The Jewelry Business Magazine'