b'By Jim AckermanHERD IMMUNITYHERD MENTALITYWHAT YOU CAN LEARN FROM THECORONA CRISISBy the time you read this, I hope the Corona Crisis has passed. I hope. Im not optimistic. But there are some business lessonsAnd when one jumps, the rest feel like they have to jump that you can learn from what weve been through with all of this. much higher. For example, if one recommends everybody in town wears a mask, the next will insist upon it.Itrynottowaxpoliticalinmycolumns,butthistimethe implications are so profound, Im afraid I must.Theresalwaysalotoftalkaboutjustificationandscience andthepublicwelfareandwhatnot,butmoreoftenthan LETS BEGIN WITH HERD MENTALITY. not, things arent thought through very thoroughly and the unintended consequences of these mass, kneejerk reactions It is almost axiomatic that when a crisis strikes most peoplecan be devastating.tend to overreact. Its virtually guaranteed that politicians will.In this case, we all lost income; many have lost their entire Its also near axiomatic that if one politician overreacts, the restbusinesses and lifes work.will fall in line. This is true regardless of party. Executivespresidents, governors, mayors, etc.instantly feel they needBut such is the case with herd mentality the tendency to to fix the problem and they enact measures to do so. follow like sheep, even among so-called leaders.Lawmakerscongress, legislators, county commissions andBut herd mentality can be used to your benefit as a jeweler as city counselswell, theyre called lawmakers, so what dowell. It is the very powerful principle of influence called social you expect them to do? proof.Continued to Pg 3736 | The Jewelry Business Magazine'