Those who continued to focus on search engine optimization were able to follow usability improvements and make their website a better selling tool. Focusing on SEO also means that you are investing resources into the long-term success of your business. Although Google changes the way it ranks websites every day, the concept of providing your customers with quality content like blog posts, product reviews, photos, and videos is not new, and, it is what consumers want from you. Even though content production will take a lot of lot of time, keep your content production in-house by having one of your trained salespeople write blogs, record videos, and snap photos with their smartphone. Results of Following the Wrong Path One of my own customers had a beautiful 4000 square foot brick-and-mortar location for many years with most of their in-store sales in the summer and a lot of online promoted holiday season sales. With hindsight 20/20 vision, we now see that since 2014 they felt a decline in business and believed they should focus on their local advertising and Facebook. They didn’t request online reviews and they abandoned their website except for winter promotions. Even though their unique and flashy brick-and- mortar personality and style was written about numerous times in several trade magazines over the years, including 2015, they succumbed to the new realities of social media and SEO for retail and had to close their doors in 2018. Looking Forward I don’t know what the next 3 years will bring, but my last 3 years of experience with consumers, ecommerce, and websites in general show that people will visit your website when they want detailed information and when they are ready to purchase. This seems like standard consumer behavior now. Yet, most retail jewelers do not have enough product or service details or the ability to purchase online. Are you positioning yourself correctly for 2019? Give me a call and we can figure that out together. Matthew A Perosi Matthew Perosi reports the latest Internet trends and methods that are most relevant to the jewelry industry in his newsletters, videos, and blog available through Tap into the more than 1,500 free newsletters to guide you towards better usage of websites, social, and mobile. Matthew invites your feedback and questions at matt@jwag. biz or 973.413.8211. Many questions from TRJ readers have turned into great newsletter topics.