Register to attend: • • Toll Free: 844-285-1103 P R E V I E W Leslie’s 14 10.9 gram 7.5” polished and textured link bracelet. 800-354-9833 Option #6 Royal Jewelry is known for their extensive collection of styles and designs, competitive pricing, and aggressive memo programs. 212-302-2500 F: 212-768-0601 Reko Settings offers the largest selection of semi-mounts for rings, earrings and pendants. See the newly added Vintage collection. 800-736-0885 F: 617-367-2626 White gold and diamond necklace featuring a one-of-a-kind stone from our Pe Jay Exceptionals Collection. 201-863-0006 F: 201-863-0067 Variety Gem’s diamond hoop earrings, bangles and rings that bend and twist but not break or lose diamonds. Diamond bands that will expand up to size 14. 212-921-1820 F: 212 921-1820 Rainbow is the new black. These gorgeous Rainbow Sapphire earrings are surrounded by diamonds and set in yellow gold. 212-398-0606 F: 212-3980726