b'HERE ARE A FEW ADVERTISING MEDIUMS THATHAVE WORKED EFFECTIVELY FOR JEWELRY RETAILERS:PRINT ADVERTISINGBROADCAST ADVERTISINGOUT-OF-HOME ADVERTISING Print advertising used to be the primaryBroadcast advertising includes mass- Out-of-home or outdoor advertising advertising method for small businessesmarket media like TV and radio. Whilerefers to any advertising that reaches before the advent of digital advertising.broadcast advertising, especially TVpeople when theyre outside of their For businesses that target older, lessads, can be cost prohibitive, if you havehomes. This includes billboard ads, digitally engaged audiences, printlocal TV and radio stations near you, thedigital signage, transit ads (i.e. bus advertising can still be a good choice forcost might be more affordable, and theshelters, train ads, subway stop ads, your ad spend. Print advertising includesaudience could be highly relevant toetc.), street furniture ads and ads in newspaper ads, magazine ads and ads inyour local business.sports venues. These can be great brochures and flyers. options if ads are placed effectively. DIRECT MAIL ADVERTISING SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISINGONE ON ONE While direct mail is a less popularSocial media advertising is popularAnd while you should certainlyadvertising method than digitalbecause the cost is relatively affordable,consider the many advertisingadvertising, it can be successful if youand you can be highly selective withoptions, dont forget thatdevelop a creative, visually appealingthe audience you target. For example,connecting with customers in adirect mail campaign. Direct mail adsyou can use ad targeting options topersonal and relevant way continuesenable you to deliver your messagenarrow the audience so that only peopleto be the best way to get themone-on-one to local consumers. of a certain demographic living withinto know, like, and trust you.a certain mile radius of your store are served your social ads.Its a well-known fact that it costs at least five times as much to attract a newcustomer than it does to retain an old one, and that the probability of sellingto anexisting customeris60-70% , while the probability of selling toanew customeris5-20% . Especially this coming year, strive to get more personal with yourcustomers and really get to know who they are and how bestto communicate to them. THE RETAIL JEWELER |29'