b'Bilgore Russian Demantoid Garnet Necklace and EarringsJeffrey Bilgore Introduces New Sapphire Collection A rare natural treasure, sapphire is praised as the next hardest gemstoneafterthediamond.Admiredforitsdurability, surfaceluster,andrangeofcolor,ithasbeenhighlightedBilgore Carved Mexican inlorethroughouthistory.Asymboloftruth,faithfulness,Fire Opal PinPendantand sincerity, this gemstone is synonymous with royalty and romance.Internationally renowned gem merchant and custom jewelry designer, Jeffrey Bilgore is a known for traveling around BilgoreMint the world to the source, hand-selecting the best of the best.Tourmaline and Rare,exoticgemstonesareBilgoresspecialty,andhisnewDiamond Earringssapphirecollectionfeaturesstonesfromtwoofthemost desirable sapphire sources, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Richincolorsaturation,Burmesesapphiresareminedinlargest blue sapphires ever found. Each of Bilgores sapphires Mogok, where, albeit rare, some large material has been found,is unheated; such large, high quality sapphires scarcely come perfectforcuttingintostatementpieces.There,thegemto market. Bilgore said, Fine sapphires from Burma and Sri occursinavarietyofcolors,includingyellow,violet/purple,Lanka are exceedingly rare. Their beauty is extraordinary. From and green. Ceylon (Sri Lanka) sapphire at times has banding,thedeepestbluetocornflowercolorsandthentheentire and is famous for its often vibrant, medium blue hues. Knownspectrum of the rainbow, sapphires glow and the color palette for consistently producing high quality stones, Sri Lanka has ais mesmerizing.high density of gemstone deposits, and is home to the threeContinued to Pg 58 THE RETAIL JEWELER |57'