b'Because of all of the above,your other marketing efforts are likely to be more effective, bothdigital and traditional. As effectiveness goes up, cost of acquiring new transactions and customers goes down. Revenue increases and profit percentages increase along with actual profit dollars. Now there are some secrets for making this work. You must make very compelling offers of the Id be cray not to buy that now. Leadwithyourleastexpensiveandworkuptoyourmost expensive items. Most sales will fall between $20 and $200, but you should include offerings of much greater price, as long as they remain exceptional values. The higher priced items tend to bring people in who wind up buying something else, but whose tickets wind up being substantially higher as well. Finally, make sure they feel a sense of urgency. Do this by limitingtheofferstoaveryshort,definedperiodoftime (usually as long as 1 day, but as short as the live event itself.) Your goal is to create a feeding frenzy, so limited supply and short fuses are the order of the day. If you can, included a mechanism for letting them know the supplies are running out, all the better. Consider a bell every time a sale is made for the live events; a countdown counter for the email or non-live postings. Be consistent and give it a try for several attempts. It may take a few times to warm up the audience, but come they will and eventually, buy they will, and youll have a permanent new way to sell. Jim Ackerman Jim Ackerman is known at The Marketing Coach to the jewelry industry and has addressed jewelryretailers at the nations biggest marketing events, including JA New York, JCK, The Atlanta Jewelry Show and others. Jim Ackerman also provides jewelers with a strategic look at their marketing, through his well-known Marketing Fitness Check-up, which he is providing to Retail Jeweler readers FREE (A $397.00 value). Go to https://ekk89994.infusionsoft.com/app/form/mfc to initiate the process.THE RETAIL JEWELER |57'