THERETAIL JEWELER | 57 SALES When selling women’s jewelry, focus on who’s making the buying decision. Is a man buying jewelry for a woman? Is a couple together deciding on a gift? Or is it a woman making her own purchase? Adjust accordingly. A man may want assurance that his gift is significant, that it will make an impression. A woman may be more interested in fashion, color and beauty. Look for signs she’s emotionally bonding with a piece that moves her. INVENTORY If your focus has been mainly on bridal, estate and custom, consider expanding to designer and fashion jewelry, appealing to the female self- purchaser. Many women are shopping online and through TV channels that target them. Check out the competition. Tune into TV shopping networks and online— including social media, especially Instagram and Pinterest—to see what’s selling and monitor customers’ feedback. Adding new lines that appeal to the self-purchaser expands your sales possibilities. MARKETING Is your marketing woman-friendly? Women love casual events such as Trunk Shows with a party- like atmosphere where they can sample pieces in a relaxed and festive environment. Create open salon-type seating areas with sofas, large full-length mirrors, music, refreshments and jewelry in accessible displays where pieces can easily be tried on. Designate one or more of your staff as fashion and style experts, catering to the woman self- purchaser. Display large photos of celebrities wearing the hottest new trend-setting styles from the Awards season—the Golden Globes and Oscars. Encourage your clients to bring in their own outfits to try out jewelry to provide the perfect finishing touch. The self-purchasing woman brings with her a new world of possibilities. Take advantage of this growing lucrative trend, often with relatively high profit margins and a year-round appeal. Women love jewelry! Mia Katrin MIA Katrin is an award-winning jewelry designer and creative force behind Jewel Couture LLC. A leading industry voice on style and design and frequently is an invited speaker at trade events. Before becoming a jewelry designer MIA was a Philosophy Professor, specializing in Aesthetics. Mia can be reached at info@