58 | The Jewelry Business Magazine IT’S SHOWTIME – IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO STAGE YOUR NEWS ! 9 EASY WAYS TO ATTRACT NEW BUSINESS Attracting new customers is all about putting yourself and your business out there in new ways. You’re likely to bring in a new customer base when you branch out into unchartered territories. Just because it seems like people are all about the online experience, nothing beats great, in-person customer service and personal connection. 01 IDENTIFY YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER It’s easier to look for customers if you know the type of consumers you seek. Without a composite of your ideal customer, you probably wouldn’t know where to start looking. Narrow the focus of your ideal client and avoid making broad target market statements, such as every woman, all millennials or all baby boomers. Think about who your core customer is today and how you can build and or add to that customer base. It is difficult to appeal to a vast of a group of people and overstating your target market will prevent you from developing viable strategies for attracting clients. By Gloria Maccaroni By the time that you read this article, you have probably gone through all of your emails and mail since your return from the Las Vegas trade shows. Hopefully your trip was productive and successful, and you found some great new styles from your core brands and identified a few new collections that will be perfect for your store. Now that your back and caught up its time to share your news - not only with your staff but with your customers. It’s your showtime! Your customers will be excited to learn about what’snewandwhat’strendinginjewelry.They probably scout the fashion magazines for the latest trends in fashion so why not broadcast the latest trends in fine jewelry? You have just purchased great new styles and have the insiders’ line on trends, now it’s time to share theexcitement.Hereare9easywaystoattract customers and keep them coming back.