b'Jeffreys sapphire collection has luxurious sapphire selects, asdiamonds is still a problem within our industry. well as loose gemstones, for those looking to create a specialGSIisaworldleaderingemologicalservices,with13 pieceforagift,ortotreatthemselves.Hisuniquejewelrygemologicallaboratoriesacrossfourcontinents,combining includesa9.30Burmesesugarloafsapphirering,setwithstate-of-the-art technology with the highest ethical standards. diamonds in platinum, the epitome of a statement cocktailGSIrecentlyopenedanew4,200-square-footLaboratory ring.Foreveryday,BilgoresorangeandpurplesapphireinNewYorkdedicatedtothescreeninganddetectionof earrings add a pop of color blocking to any work outfit. Hisundisclosed diamonds to continue its groundbreaking work. Y necklaces are available in both cornflower blue and pink sapphire,universallyflattering,forasweepofeleganceIn Memoriam: Jerry Berlingeracross the collarbone. Red carpet-worthy, his 12 carat cushionJerry Berlinger, a seasoned industry sapphire necklace is set on a sparkling diamond chain, whichveteran,passedawayonAugust interchangesdiamondsizes.Forthoseseekinginspiration,20, 2019. He was 77. He was born JeffreyBilgoreoffersvariedsizeandcolorrangesfortheand raised in Brooklyn and attended highestqualitysapphires.Fromabright,30ct.unheatedMadison High School and attended yellow Sri Lankan beauty, to a royal pair of blues, to anythingBrooklynCollege.Hewasmarried that falls within the multi-color rainbow. Select a stone, andtoLindaJacksonandrecently work with Bilgore to transform it into something designed withcelebratedtheir51stwedding heart. Creating personal treasures and heirlooms with theseanniversary.JerryandLindahave gems is a gift. It is hard to call it work! says Jeffrey Bilgore. twochildren,WendyandRobert. To learn more about Jeffrey Bilgore, and request pricing, visitThe Berlingers are proud grandparents of 4 grandchildren. One www.jeffreybilgore.com. from Linda and three from Jerry.GSI Completes Inspection of Marks JewelersJerrys business career began in 1967 when he started with BotellRingswhichlaterbecameFourStars.In1990,Jerry Inventory joined Suna Brothers and has been there ever since.GSI,oneofthelargestgemologicalorganizationsinthe world,conductedafullreviewofMarksJewelersinventoryJerry was the consummate, old world salesman; always positive, forundisclosedlabgrowndiamonds.GSIsentamobilenever flustered, and happy to travel great distances to see his team to Marks 25,000 square foot state of the art store inclients, many of whom became personal friends. He clocked in Montgomeryville, PA to screen and test all diamond jewelry incountless miles during his career. He truly loved what he did, their showcase and inventory. Going forward, Marks Jewelersand everyone he met could see it. His enjoyment was both hasimplementedaninventorycontrolprocesstohaveallcontagious and apparent. Jerry always had a song in his heart incoming jewelry screened and tested by GSI. and a story to tell, regaling colorful tales of a life on the road and the ever-changing jewelry business.The GSI team was extremely professional and knowledgeableJerry had a wonderful rapport with retailers. He had an uncanny and we are pleased that they screened our entire inventoryknackofgettingeventhebusieststoreownerstotakehis fast and efficiently, said Jim Brusilovsky, President of Markscall or to give him a few moments if he happened to stop in Jewelers.TheGSIteamcameinwiththeirequipment,unannounced. Maybe it was his gentle demeanor or his likable setuptheirtestingareaandwenttoworkwithminimalpersonality. Maybe it was his palpable kindness. One thing was disruption to regular business said Dareen Brusilovsky, V.P.certain: Jerry was beloved by so many.of Merchandise. With the assurance of GSI, we know that all of our existing and incoming diamond inventory does not haveJerryenjoyedbothprofessionalrelationshipsandpersonal any undisclosed lab grown diamonds. friendshipswithstoreowners,staffandindustrycolleagues Marks Jewelers is a true leader in the industry. Jim has a strongalike. Those who knew him will remember his spirited sense of senseofresponsibilitytohiscustomersandhasthereforehumor. With a boyish grin and mischievous sparkle in his eyes, pioneered the way for independent jewelers to screen and testJerry could tell a great jokeand often did. their diamond jewelry inventories, said Debbie Azar, President and Co-Founder of GSI. We commend Jim and the MarksHe loved to make people laugh, even doing stand-up comedy Jewelers team for best practices and encourage all retailerson occasion. Enthusiastic and lively, he was a voracious reader to put a process in place for the detection of undisclosed laband a true music aficionado. From Seinfeld to Springsteen, he grown diamonds. I want to stress that the issue of undisclosedwas happy to chat for hours on end. He will be sorely missed.58 | The Jewelry Business Magazine'