b'6 Now Add a Virtual Dimension:As the saying goes bad times brings innovation. Look at which trends enacted during the quarantine that have become the new standard operating procedure. From FaceTime chats with family and friends to business meetings via Zoom, and virtual house tours. Now is the time to offer these digital strategies front and center on your websites home page. According to a study by Provoke Insights, a quarter of luxury shoppers are interested in virtual shopping eventswith nearly half of Gen Z and more than a third ofMillennials indicating theyd be interestedand 27% also said theyre interested in scheduling an appointment to be able to shop privately and avoid other customers. Thinking through a virtual appointment strategy thats as similar as possible to the in-store experience is important, from learning to how your clients feel during the conversation to how you deal with objections.By adding this new dimension, you can create and add to your stores unique personality. What could be more exciting than taking a soon to be engaged couple on a virtual tour of your jewelers bench to show how diamonds are placed into settings or showing the newest collections that you just received worn by none other than your staff ?Keith Jack Sterling & 10k Blue Topaz Guardian Angel Pendant. $135Keith Jack helps to create the virtual story by providinga story card with each piece of jewelry which explains its unique symbolism/story, as well as a write up about the designer. They also provide a wide range of marketing support tools from in case displays to catalogs , videos and training tools.7 Suggest a Physical Follow-Up to the Virtual After a virtual call with a client, she or he might still want to see a piece in person.But consider, again, those customers who might not feel comfortable visiting the store or simply cant make it to the physical location. You should still find a way to get the jewelry to them. You know that your closing ratio goes up if you can get the piece into the clients hand. Consider offering goods on memo for the client to review. Send it to the client directly and offer them a range of pieces that you personally selected just for them. At that point it will be really hard for them to return all of the pieces without a purchase ! Martha Seely Sterling with Sapphires, Tanzanites & Diamonds $715.Martha Seely provides greatmodel shots and a variety ofPOS materials to enhancethe buying experience. 617.899.2162marthaseely.com THE RETAIL JEWELER |23'