48 | The Jewelry Business Magazine solutions that raise the tide of the entire industry,” added Murphy. All current TransGuardian employees are being welcomed onto the Jewelers Mutual team. TransGuardian’s customer- facing service centers in New York City and Los Angeles will continue operations uninterrupted as part of the Jewelers Mutual Group. Madlene Moseley Jim Moseley Scott Murphy Versatile Microscopes for the Gemological Professional Three Accu-Scope’s designed for the discerning gemologist ranging from the cost-effective Gem Scope 3052- Gem to the state-of-the-art Gem Scope 3075-GS. Gem Scope 3052-Gem is portable, compact and uses rechargeable AA batteries allowing the gemologist to work anywhere. Built-in LED illumination for viewing stones at 10x and 30x magnification with the included WF 10x/20mm eyepieces. Gem Scope 3075-GEM delivers excellent flatness and depth of field via an advanced Greenough optical system. Features magnification range of 10x-67.5x with the included WF 15x/15mm eyepieces and LED illumination. Gem Scope 3075-GS offers crisp high- resolution images, brightfield/darkfield illumination, and two different reflected light sources for viewing facets and surface graining. A 325º rotatable base with 10x – 67.5x zoom range, an optional pin point and variable LED light guide provides a best in class solution for discriminating jewelry retailers. All three have a 5-year limited warranty for parts and labor, 3 years on electronic components. For More Information contact Gesswein at 203.366.5400 or Visit www.gesswein.com. Britsh Brand Anchor & Crew Lands in America Anchor & Crew is a handcrafted British-based jewelry and accessories brand which has become well-known and highly trusted over the years, notably within the mens /unisex jewelry market and boasts five industry awards in the last four years. An official UK brand to watch, Anchor & Crew is available at some of the world’s leading fashion/department stores such as Lotte of South Korea, Beymen of Turkey, Wolf & Badger of UK and The Iconic of Australia, and is now available in the US via the brand’s exclusive American distributors, Sevon Group of Chicago. With an aesthetic that showcases a combination of British craft manufacturing and discerning modern-minimalist style, Anchor & Crew is an ethical brand who believes in having a highly traceable supply chain; both of these agendas have contributed to the brand’s rising popularity and success. Taking ownership of an exploratory lifestyle and promoting the Happy-Good Life, Anchor & Crew ‘s celebrated craftsmen create unisex jewelry, accessories and lifestyle goods for the Modern men and women. The brand’s social media and marketing focuses on quality but casual styles. Anchor & Crew is timelessly British by both design and manufacture with all manufacturing is done in Nottingham, England. You can view the Anchor & Crew catalogs online at www.anchorandcrew.com or call 312-392-1900 8100130 3052-GEM 8100131 3075-GEM 8100132 3075-GS