THERETAIL JEWELER | 59 02 DISCOVER WHERE YOUR CUSTOMER “LIVES” With your targeted customers in mind, “identify those places wheretheyarelikelytobefound(media,online,offline,mail,etc.), and then create unique messages for them,” says Jeff Motter, CEO and chief marketing officer of East Bay Marketing Group. Where you look for customers will depend on the nature of your business. Some good online locations include forums and social media pages. Offline, determine how your customer learns about local news, what mediums they read and how often they like to receive information. Once you’ve narrowed down which marketing media will provide you with the most reach and influence, focus on those. Your ads, mailers & social content will only be effective when the right people see the information, posts and shares. 03 CREATE YOUR UNIQUE MESSAGE Share what you know & what you do – Have you ever heard an author speak about her book or watched a behind the scenes concert tour video? After that, did you enjoy the artist’s work more, especially after seeing all that went into it? Share things that your business does well. If you do customized design work, restring pearls, repair watches, share the information. Keep in mind that not all jewelers offer these services. Focus on the unique collections, designers and assortments that you offer. Find ways to differentiate your business and communicate “your” story. 04 PARTNER WITH OTHER BUSINESSES You already know you need to identify your target audience, but then what? The answer is simple. Find other places that serve the same clientele. Make a list of retail establishments, lifestyle brands, and charitable or business organizations your ideal client might support. Approach that business about creating a partnership. Come up with what you would offer their existing clientele. For example, partner with hair salon or day spa – remember that the female self-purchase customer is a growing opportunity. Offer a jewelry wardrobe make- over or girls’ night out event. Design the marketing materials and promote the offer instore, on your web site and via social media. And don’t stop there. When you do attract potential customers from your partnership, you’ll need a way to create the sale and offer a reason for a second visit. 05 HOLD IN-PERSON EVENTS: Getting to know your customer is a great way to make and keep new clients. Create events that relate to your target market : Girls Night out, Men’s shopping night, for a local cause or charity. When you host your event, have a place for visitors to sign up for freebies given away throughout the event. When you collect information, let people know you’ll also send coupons via email or to home addresses. Create a special hashtag for your event and hold a social media contest to involve the new customers in your online marketing. Don’t forget to staff up and encourage and reward staff for promoting the event. 06 BE CHARITABLE: Offer gift certificates and services when asked by fundraising campaigns, school events and charities, especially those who focus on local businesses. If potential new customers see that you support a certain cause, they may be more likely to visit your store in the future. Keep in mind that your store’s exposure at the event is worth so much more that the cost of the donation. 07 HOLD A “YOU AND FIVE FRIENDS” CONTEST: Use social media to promote a giveaway contest. Entrants should tag five friends they’d like to share the experience with. Then, winners and friends experience the prize you’ve offered. You can use photos and videos to follow up and show what it’s like to win a contest host by your business. And the big bonus is that you get six potential new converts! 08 HOST COMMUNITY MEETINGS: Meetup groups are always looking for new places to get together. Offer your conference room or break room space to small groups. Offer the local book club free coffee. Offer discounts to members of the group and be sure to inform them of upcoming events. If they feel welcome and special , they’ll probably be back, even before the next meeting. 09 INCENTIVIZE CURRENT CUSTOMERS: Keep happy customers coming back . Give them special offers and advanced news of upcoming sales. Hold a customer appreciation night before the holidays and post pictures of them with shout outs or profiles on social media. Send birthday cards or holidays cards with a discount for them and one for a friend. Gloria Maccaroni Gloria Maccaroni is Director of Brand Development for The Silver Institute /Promotion Service (SPS). SPS develops and implements programs designed to enhance the image of and stimulate demand for silver jewelry in major markets. For more information by writing to Retailers are encouraged to visit to find jewelry collections to grow their silver jewelry sales.