b'IJO will not be rescheduling in 2020 but will look forward to meeting again in Orlando, FL, February 26-March 2, 2021.IJOmeetstwiceyearlyatluxurypropertiesaroundthe country,whichapproximately75%ofIJOmembersattend. For information on IJO retailer membership please call Penny Palmer at 800-624-9252, ext. 104, and for vendor membership Mary Moses Kinney at ext. 103.Phillip Gavriel Marketing AssetsBacked by Royal Chain, Phillip Gavriel, a nationally recognized brand,canprovideextensivemarketingassetstotheir customers.Capitalizeonthebrandssuccessbymarketing your store, or website and taking advantage of their marketing tools and co-op program. Assets range from printed literature to images that can be used on various digital and social media platforms. Email info@phillipgavriel.com to find out more.Lafonn turns 10Lafonn proudly celebrates iits tenth anniversary in 2020 with a new logo, collections, ad campaign, and much more. www.lafonn.comYou Look Like You Could Use A Hug(gie) Huggies for everyone - because this earring trend is here to stay. Lafonns collection of petite hoop earrings features simulated diamonds set in platinum-bonded sterling silver, from $155. Call (855) 2-LAFONN for more information or visit www.lafonn.com THE RETAIL JEWELER |65'