b'10 WAYS TO GET BACK TO BUSINESSREACH OUT TO YOUR CORE CUSTOMER01 You may have opened up 2 months ago or might have never closed your doors but keep in mind that your customers might not know that. Reach out in whatever way you can and tell them that you are open for business and can offer a safe environment for shopping whether it be instore or online.DISCOVER WHERE YOUR CUSTOMER LIVESWith your target customers in mind, identify those places where they are likely to be found (media, online, offline, mail, etc.), and then create unique messages for them, says Jeff Motter, CEO and chief 02 marketing officer of East Bay Marketing Group.Where you look for customers will depend on the nature of your business. Do you get many inquires online, are most of your customers walk-ins, do you get phone or email inquiries?Determinehow your customer learns about local news.What media do they read?How often they like to receive information.Once youve narrowed down which marketing media will provide you with the most reach and influence, focus on those. Your outreach and social content will only be effective when the right people see the information, posts, and shares.CREATE YOUR UNIQUE MESSAGENow is the time more than ever to share what you know and what you do !Have you ever heard an author speak about her book or watched a behind the scenes concert tour video? After that, did you enjoy the artists work more, especially after seeing all that went into it?03Share things that your business does well.If you do customized design work, restring pearls, repair watches, share that information. Keep in mind that not all jewelers offer these services. Focus on the unique collections, designers, and assortments that you offer. Find ways to differentiate your business and communicate your story.Create short videos to post on your web site and social media or to show in a small video player. You will be surprised how people will respond when they get to see a design in progress or the latest collection.SAY THANK YOU04 Yes, say thank you to your customers for sticking with you during these trying times. Offer a free jewelrycleaning or watch battery. Tell them you missed them and you are back to business in a safe environmentand you have some great new styles to show them for those postponed gifts and deserving self-rewards.TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR STAFF 05 We are all in this together, but your staff might be going through some personal issues and might be concerned for their safely and health. Be considerate to them and encourage them to suggest ideas of what they can do to help.THE RETAIL JEWELER |21'