b'A GOOD EMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN FORA JEWELRY STORE SHOULD BE:INSPIRING:to do this, you must understand your customers motivations. After you segment your audience, this wont be difficult for you to do. When people feel inspired, they act differently. Finding a model for an inspiring campaign will also help you achieve an unparalleled connection with your audience.PERSUASIVE:this type of emotional campaign plays with your audiences dreams and their desire to achieve a coveted lifestyle within society. The CEO of Tiffany & Co, Alessandro Bogliolo, created a campaign aimed at millennials despite numerous studies claiming that they do not buy diamonds. His reasoning came from cellphone emojis. Diamonds and other forms of expressing status are frequently used by this group which means there is a sense of personal projection.ONE THAT EXPRESSES LOVE:in the jewelry business, this is one of the most important emotions to express in advertising campaigns. You can use the tried and true story of a couple beginning their marriage and focus your campaign on this key moment in everyones lives or you can take advantage of another segment of the population: single people. You can angle the campaign with a message about there being no better way to celebrate than to treat oneself or something similar.ONE THAT COMMEMORATES SPECIAL EVENTS:many people choose to commemorate an event with jewelry, making it a perfect opportunity to strengthen relationships with your customers. You can focus on stories that resonate with your audience and let them know that they are as important to your business as they are to themselves. A good way to do it could be by using their personal stories that they share on social media.Remember that you dont have an enormous budget or a 200-store retail chain to develop great campaigns. The most important requirement is creativity. To achieve this, you must be authentic and know your audience to give them what they want. Next, youll need to tell these stories through the advertising mediums your target customers use the most, so they see the ads youve created.There are a variety of different advertising approaches that you can take. You can choose more traditional advertising mediums, including newspapers, radio and direct mail. Or you can focus on digital ad platforms, including email newsletters, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Investing strategically in advertising can result in a high return on investment.Gloria Maccaroni Gloria Maccaroni is Director of Brand Development for The Silver Institute /Promotion Service (SPS).SPS, launched in 2008, develops and implements programs designed to enhance the image of and stimulate demand for silver jewelry in major markets.Retailers are encouraged to visit savorsilver.com to find jewelry collections to grow their silver jewelry sales. Brands and designers are selected to participate in the program and can request more information by writing to info@savorsilver.com28 | The Jewelry Business Magazine'