b'Butthinkofallthosedinners!Doesntthatget expensive?Not when it was explained to the restaurant owner that hed be receiving FREE advertising; that his restaurant would be promoted in the EDDM piece as where the students wouldbesenttoenjoytheirpost-jewelryshoppingmeal. Along with the promise that the dinner offer was for 2 entrees and that he could still sell the kids drinks and desserts, the restaurant owner was all in!How about that? A compelling offer that only cost the price of printing and mailing the EDDM piece! Will you be able to do such a thing? No reason to believe you wouldnt. But there are other kinds of lead generation offers. One of the big ones is FREE INFORMATION and/or tools. These can take the forms of special reports, checklists, ring sizers, jewelers loupes, or combinations that might be described as a jewelry buying kit or a jewel school.Your goal is to use your advertising to get people to walk throughthedooreitheryouractualdoor,oryourdigital door. Once in, its up to your follow-up marketing and your sales team to make sure they dont walk out empty-handed. In todays marketplace, youre likely to find lead generation offers to be a better way to get them through your door.Jim Ackermanmail@ascendmarketing.com801-254-7964 x32019 Jim Ackerman 1st NA Serial Rights THE RETAIL JEWELER |33'