44 | The Jewelry Business Magazine RX500 is the world’s only full-color RFID on-demand RFID label and tag printer. Labels are encoded, verified and printed in a single pass. Finished labels are then cut with the internal guillotine-style cutter and dispensed one at a time. On- demand printing makes the printer ideal for applications such as visitor or trade show badges where just a single label at a time with unique information is required. Batches of many labels or tags at a time can also be encoded and printed. The built-in UHF RFID reader/encoder module is supplied by Honeywell®. It is compliant with EPC Global Gen 2 Class 1 and ISO 18000 –b and –c specifications for the widest range of deployments in real-world applications. Print resolution is best-in-class at up to 4800 dpi. Print speeds of up to 2.5” (63.5 mm) per second make label and tag production fast and convenient. A single full-color ink cartridge is utilized for ease of replacement in the field. The printer is also lightweight at just 7 lbs. (3.2 kg), making it easy to pack and transport. “Printing full-color RFID labels and tags adds a new, value- added feature to the technology,” said Mark D. Strobel, Primera’s vice president of sales and marketing. “With RX500, you can add color coding, graphics and high-resolution photos to RFID labels and tags. With color, you’re essentially adding an extra layer of accuracy and safety in applications such as jewelry, medical file folder labels, visitor badges, photo wristbands and specimen tracking labels.” Supported substrates include matte and gloss inkjet papers, vinyl, polypropylene and polyester. A high-degree of water, smudge and smear-resistance is achieved through advanced, third-generation dye-based inks and the print surfaces of inkjet labels such as Primera’s TuffCoat™ microporous labels. Most popular UHF inlays from major RFID companies can be encoded. RX500 Color RFID Printers are now available from Primera’s online web store at www.primera.com/rfid as well as through its Authorized Resellers and distributors worldwide. It is priced at US$2495 (MSRP). Samples of printed and encoded labels are available upon request for evaluation and pilot programs. Dazzling Paws Namaste Collection Dazzling Paws Jewelry LLC has released the new sterling silver Namaste Collection. Myra Westphal, President, created these pieces shortly after the arrival of Surf, her rescue dog from the Border Collie Rescue Texas, Inc. She states, “This line has been in my design journals for many years. It was only after I adopted Surf from Texas that I decided it was time for this collection to come to life. Surf is a grounded Border Collie and it seemed very fitting that I launch this new collection in his honor.” Included in the Namaste Collection are four uniquely designed pieces that depict dogs (and their humans) posing in various yoga poses. These pieces are made entirely from recycled sterling silver and made in the USA. They are known as the Boat Pose, Crescent Lunge Pose, Warrior III, and Downward Dog. Each design is available as a pendant or earring set featured in a circular disk. About Dazzling Paws Jewelry LLC Dazzling Paws Jewelry LLC is dedicated to providing high quality designer dog themed jewelry for people who love dogs. Dazzling Paws Jewelry LLC is 100% handmade in the USA from recycled sterling silver. The Dazzling Paws Jewelry LLC line includes: dog breeds with a unique flair, paw prints and dog bone collections, pet memorial jewelry, semi-precious and crystal collection, beads, build-your-qwn Letter Line, as well as dog sports like agility, obedience, rally, conformation, free style, and flyball. Sterling silver jewelry designs include: pendants, earrings, rings, toe rings, beads, bracelets, pins, charm holders, chains, and tie tacks. For more information call: 715-345-1314. Atlanta Jewelry Show Expands in 2019 Adding Two New Pavilions In response to the needs of the AJS community, Executive Director Libby Brown announced the Atlanta Jewelry Show