b'HAVE YOU MOVEDYET?ONLINEBy Mia KatrinHOW TO SURVIVE AND PROSPER IN THE CURRENT CRISIS AND BEYONDHERE ARE SOME IDEAS YOU CAN IMPLEMENT:Its said that every crisis is also an opportunity.Contact your customers, by phone, email or text.Thats never truer than today. Many smallTell them youve moved online and will continue to operate online even businesseshaveclosedtheirdoorswithafter you have reopened. You can switch easily enough. Make sure your reopening dates just beginning to appearwebsite e-commerce enabled. If its not, nows the time to add that on the horizon. Retail jewelers, because ofcapability. Make it easy for your customers to buy from you online. Be sure your best-the stay at home directives, have closedselling and newest inventory images are included. You need good photos, including their doors and are hurting for business. pieces on models, and detailed descriptions including dimensions, materials and prices. Your website should be seamless and easy to navigate. Checkout should be But remember if crisis equals opportunity,fast and simple. Consider free shipping and easy returns. Research and compare on-line selling may just be that opportunity.similar websites to see what the competition is doing.Amidtherapidtransformationofour society,newdirectionsareemerging.Keep in touch!AlthoughwerephysicallydistancingContinuetocontactyourcustomers,sendingthememailsand from one another, were connecting morepictures. But instead of meeting with them face to face, you can virtually.TechnologyhasrisentosuchaFacetime or video chat with them. Send regular e-newsletters. In many levelthatmostformsofcommunicationcases, long-standing connections with customers are already forged. Continuing to can be done while socially distancing. connect with customers online is not a radical transformation, but a subtle shift, a continuum. If done proactivelyand intelligentlythis shift can be minimal.Itssaidnecessityisthemotherof invention. Because retail stores have beenDont assume people arent buying or not buying luxury items.closed, buying and selling have switchedPeople are vigorously buying online, ordering meals and havingseamlessly, and it has occurred overnightfood delivered, and when they venture out, essentially wiping out to online business. Amazon, for example,inventory in large box stores like Walmart. is currently the largest retailer in the world. They have hired 100,000 new employees toOnline jewelry auctions report brisk sales.keep up with the explosion of demand. ThePeople still celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations. Mothers virus is the catalyst. It has allowed standardDayandFathersDay.Offeropportunitiesforyourcustomersto physical transactions of buying and sellingconnectwithyouandyouwiththem.Theymaybelookingfor to morph into a virtual experience. something beautiful just for a pick me up.Continued to Pg 4240 | The Jewelry Business Magazine'