b'Continued from Pg 10HAVE YOU MOVED ONLINE YET? JEWELERS SECURITYALLIANCE RECCOMENDATIONSHOW TO SURVIVE AND PROSPER IN THEFOR STORE REOPENINGSCURRENT CRISIS AND BEYONDUp your social media game. 10 You may need to keep a quantity of various Covid-19 Nows the time to connect with your customerssuppliesinthestore:extraglovesandmasksfor through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,employeesandcustomers,handsanitizer,disinfectantfor PinterestandYouTube.Regular,entertainingwipingshowcasesanddoorhandles,andajewelry-friendly posts with great photos are a must. When customers visitdisinfecting product and cloth for wiping jewelry and watches your Facebook page, they shouldnt see your last post wasbefore and after presentations.from a year ago! If this seems overwhelming, try partnering withsomeofyourvendorsanddesignerswhoarewell11 While there are a small number of new security issues established and can help you. They may offer many greatpresentedbyCovid-19,basicsecurityprincipleslong programs such as live events and stories, online contests,promotedbyJewelersSecurityAlliancewillnowbemore and IGTV (Instagram TV) as well as e-newsletter blasts youimportant than ever. In these troubled times jewelers need to can share with your customers to help market inventory. Youfollow such time-proven crime prevention procedures, even as may be able to link directly to their websites so easily andthey operate with a reduced staff:quickly offer their complete inventory to your clients. A. Dont resist in a robbery.Stay positive. B. Look for the red flags to help spot criminals, such as Theresplentyofdoomandgloomaround.three or more people wanting to enter together, nervous Be the ray of sunshine. The current crisis is anbehavior and body language, inappropriate clothing for opportunitytoexplorethevirtualworldandenterintoit.the season and staring up at cameras.Those that are able to take the plunge will be successful.C. Follow opening and closing protocols with two And their success will help in the flourishing of the economy,employees.providing a smooth transition as we weather the passing ofD.Keep all showcases locked except when taking this wave and emerge with immunity, on the other side. merchandise out or putting it back.E. Show one item at a time.ContactMiatolearnmoreaboutthenewJewelCouture OnlinePartnerprogramforretailers.mia@jeweljewel. F.Dont bring goods home.com,www.jewejewel.com,InstagramandFacebook:G. Put goods away each night in a safe or vault, or at a miaforjewelcouture, 336 329 9341 or 828 406 1105.minimum put low end merchandise in a locked drawer or closet and out of sight.We provide inventory, branding and powerful online presenceH.Respond to all alarm conditions accompanied by tohelpretailersconnectwithandselltotheircustomerssecurity, alarm or police personnel. A full inspection of through a rich program of social media engagement personallythe interior and exterior of the premises is necessary.targeted to your clients, including Instagram and Facebook, live events and contests and powerful, proven e-newsletterJewelers Security Alliance offers these initial security recom-campaigns. Retailers can choose from a range of options.mendations at this unprecedented time, and will be constantly re-evaluating them as the patterns of crime emerge and store Remember,peoplealsowanttosupporttheeconomy,re-openings increase. Do not let these difficult financial times especially small businesses. Let them know youre here forcause you to lower your guard regarding security.them and will continue to be!Ifyouhavequestionsorfurtherconcerns,pleasecontact Jewelers Security Alliance at jsa2@jewelerssecurity.org or go Mia Katrinto https://.jewelerssecurity.org.TRJMIA Katrin is an award-winning jewelry designer and creative force behind Jewel Couture LLC. A leading industry voice on style and design and frequently is an invited speaker at trade events. Before becoming a jewelry designer MIA was a Philosophy Professor, specializing in Aesthetics. Mia can be reached atinfo@jeweljewel.com.42 | The Jewelry Business Magazine'