b'ByGloria Maccaroni THE SILVER LINING TO RETAIL SALES LOOKING FORWARD The return to normal operations will be a welcome relief for consumers and retail jewelers after the weeks long quarantine is completed. The process will be a slow and careful one. And, rightly so! This is new territory for all of us. Your re-opening plans, therefore, need to follow fundamental marketing principles. In the following paragraphs, we will provide you with thoughts on your game plan for your re-emergence in the marketplace.It was recommended not to go dark but to communicate with your consumers during the recent crisis. Some retailers had email marketing and social media programs in place and used them to keep in touch with their customers. For those who did not have programs in placeits never too late to start.The jewelry business is uniquejewelry does not cater to a need or a comfort. It appeals to emotions, symbolism and traditions that go back hundreds of years. With this in mind, you can create a marketing strategy that appeals to your target customers, as well one that reflects your stores personality.Selling jewelry is an art. There may be an innate talent for creating beautiful designs, but without the right skills and strategies in place it can be difficult to get your store to stand out for its personality and unique assortment and services.26 | The Jewelry Business Magazine'