b'BOOSTWITH STERLING TIPS AND STYLES BE AWARE OF YOUR RETAIL SALES INVENTORY Gabriel & Co Theres nothing worse than running out ofSILVER STYLE HIT: inventory in the midst of the busy holidayGabriel & Co Silver and black season. You can ruin your credibility if youspinel souviens earrings.advertise something that you dont haveMSRP: $225.in stock. A good rule of thumb is to havewww.gabrielny.com at least four times the number ofpieces of a key style that you would have during the off season.EDUCATE YOUR STAFF Adel Chefridi As a retailer, one of your most importantSILVER STYLE HIT: priorities is to make sure that all of yourAdel Chefridi Silver and diamond salespeople know the collections inside and out.Shooting Star cuff.Make sure that you have an employee trainingMSRP: $1800system that can help you to educate staff.Not only is it important for your staff to knowwww.adelchefridi.com what they are selling, make sure that they845-684-5185understand how to communicate the features and benefits of key collections.UPSELL WHENEVER POSSIBLEOne of the best tips when it comes to upselling techniques that actuallySILVER TIP:suggest the matching earring, work in retail is to make sure that you put a lot of thought into productlayer the bracelet or ring to build the sale.pairing ahead of time. Your employees should be aware of which collections and styles can be logically grouped together so that they can effectively upsell when they see that a customer has already picked something up and is still perusing other items. ALWAYS BE ON THE LOOKOUTFOR SEASONAL SALES HELPJoryel VeraThe hiring of seasonal employees is something thatSILVER STYLE HIT:Joryel Veras you should never stop thinking about or working on.sculptedSticks and StonesOne of the best methods for finding quality seasonalAmethyst pendant. MSRP: $185. staff is by asking for referrals from your regular staff members. Good employees will recommend peoplewww.joryelverawholesale.comthat they know they can trust and work with.561-508-294526 | The Jewelry Business Magazine'