b'THE BEST DIGITAL MARKETINGYOU WILL EVER_DOBy Jim Ackerman Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. Now Tik Tok, and who knowsstraight-up selling. Prior to the Corona Crisis, a couple of my what comes next. It wont end soon; it may never end. Add-inclients started doing a weekly product offering via email and Google Ads, YouTube and whatever else. You cant do themFacebook. They featured 10-to-30 items in their weekly posts, all, and even if you could, most of it will NEVER pay off if youand they would sell anywhere from two to five items each week. continue to do any or all of them the way you are.In addition, the offerings invariably brought them store traffic, where the customer bought something other than what was You see, almost all jewelers are using the social media andadvertised in the digital marketing, but who acknowledged almost all of them are doing it wrong. And in the process, theyspecifically that the weekly offering had brought them in. doom themselves to spending all kinds of time and money for very little, if any, return on their investment. It all gets chalkedWhen the lockdown went into effect, another group of clients up to that elusive word branding and regurgitation of thetook to Facebook Live selling events that looked similar to old myth that, If Im out there enough, when people think ofwhat you see on QVC or the Home Shopping Network. Again, jewelry, theyll think of me.20 or 30 items were offered in a 1-hour live Facebook Event, and clients would do $3,500-to-$15,000 in on-the-spot sales. It doesnt work that way. Not for the average independentOne reached upwards of $40,000, adding up the on-the-spot jeweler; not for chains of less than hundreds of stores in virtuallyand post-event drag that happened either online or at the every geographic market; not even for big national brands likestore. Once the world began opening back up, these savvy Hearts On Fire or Gabriel. But there is a way to use the digitaljewelers did not stop their events. Why would they? They had media and have it pay off, both today and tomorrow. Therediscovered a new, economical and effective way to sell their is a BEST DIGITAL MARKETING strategy SELL STUFF! Youwares. Here are the positive effects of implementing the sell heard me right. Do far less informational posting and far morestuff digital philosophy. You will actually generate revenue, directly attributable to your digital marketing efforts. Youll be able to see, calculate and evaluate an actual cause and effect; a Return On Investment (ROI). You will train your customers that you have good offers and you expect them to buy. You will virtually ELIMINATE opt-outs from your list or social accounts. People love compelling bargains and whether they buy from your digital sales or not, theyll be loathe to opt out for fear they might miss something. Research proves this to be true. You will build your brand. Again, whether they buy or not, your list and followers will come to appreciate your offers, expect to hear from you, appreciate your promotions, reward you with their loyalty, refer more frequently and buy more frequently from you themselves. Youll go a long way toward them considering you their jeweler.56 | The Jewelry Business Magazine'