b'Abes message is jewelers need to transition to two types of contacting and dealing with customers to help fill their need ITS TIMEfor jewelry. Lets face it, customers will be reluctant to do the in-store visits the way theyve done them in the past. It will take some time to get them comfortable. So, jewelers will need to develop personnel who can contact their clients virtually to TO THINKdetermine their needs for different occasions. Weddings have been postponed but that doesnt mean the end of wedding presents.Avirtualvisittoyourstorewillenablethevirtual POSITIVE salesperson who is technically capable and knowledgeable of the stores product offerings in every area to be able to walk the client through the store pointing out new additions and help them find the perfect gift. This process can result in either an immediate sale or a selection process that results in three or four possibilities for the gift. By Frank DallahanAtthispoint,thevirtualsalespersoncanclosethesaleor extend an invitation for the client to visit the store either to see the selection in person or take their credit card number and In the midst of this Corona virus, it is sometimes difficult to thinkcomplete the sale. The virtual salesperson at this point, can of whats ahead. We question ourselves and ask, When will weset a date for the visit. Shopping by appointment has always return to normal? Will it ever return to normal? How willbeen a part of the jewelry business. It is highly likely that it will we weather this storm? Will my business survive? become much more important in coming days.These life and death questions are always hard to face. But,Prior to the actual visit, you should make the client aware of face them we must. I think Its time to remember the wonderfulall of the actions the store has taken to ensure their safety. motivating slogans from of old. Remember Pearl Harbor. WeFace masks should be discussed prior to the visit. In the event have only just begun to fight! These are two that captured thethe client forgets his/her face mask the store should have an imagination and set the American people on the path to victory.additionalsupplyavailable.Otherstepsthestoretakesis appropriate to mention. Topics like sanitizing door handles, Hopefully, we are now coming out of the lockdowns we haveshowcase counter tops and the like. The object is to make the lived with for the past two months. The American people areclient comfortable when visiting the store. getting antsy and want to return to the work-a-day world. You can see it with the protests all over the country pushing for aOn the day of the actual visit, the virtual salesperson should return to life as we knew it. greet the client and conclude the sale or turn it over to another salesperson who is better at personal selling than the virtual When we return to work, things will be different. Facemasks willsales representative. be part of the new fashion statement. Six foot spacing will be everywhere. And people will do it gladly, because it is in theirWeddings,anniversaries,birthdays,graduations,newjobs, enlightenedself-interestRetailerswillrequirecustomerstopromotions will all start anew. These always have been red wear facemasks in the store. Sanitizers will be omni-present. Staffmeatforjewelers.Diamonds,rubies,sapphires,goldsilver, and customers alike will observe the new rules of social behaviorplatinum are always appropriate gifts. Remember your store because it is in their enlightened self-interest to do so. This virusis filled with extraordinary products. This fact is a key point of is nothing to fool with. Take it lightly and in may take your life! difference between you and other retail businesses. Dont take your business uniqueness for granted. You and everyone on After all the whoop-la, things will return to normal. Our friendyour staff needs to celebrate it. It is a key differentiator.Abe Sherman wrote a thought - provoking piece called, Hook emandLandem.AbesmessageistoidentifywhatwillOne final thought. Think positive.change going forward. His main point is technology has forcedThis is no time for moaning and groaning.change on every one of us young and old alike and its the resultIts time to stand up. Youve just begun to fight!of the pandemic. We have learned to communicate virtually. In the last four weeks I have personally attended a dozen Zoom meetings. To my surprise these Zoom meetings are effective. Once more, they are really easy to conduct and to participateFrank Dallahanin. Have a medical issue? Call your physician and go online forco-publisher of The Retail Jeweler your appointment. It is a different experience, but you do haveEmail Frank@theRetailJeweler.commeaningful conversation with the doctor. And the benefits are significant! There is no waiting in an office filled with sick people!8 | The Jewelry Business Magazine'