b'WHAT A YEAR IT WAS AND ITS ONLY SEPTEMBER!By Frank DallahanThe state of the jewelry business today is tough, very tough. RetailPERSPECTIVEremains slow for the most part. Seemingly, some of the higher end stores are doing some business with limits on the number of peopleTosay2020hasbeenanextraordinaryyearinour permittedinstores,socialdistancing,facemasksrequired,andlifetimes is probably the biggest understatement we sanitizingeverythingbeforeandafteraclientsvisit.Evenifthesecan imagine! What brings this specific thought to mind regulations were not in place, the consumers psyche just doesnt seemis an email and a video I received from my good friend to be that motivated. The result is an extraordinarily slow season. All ofFranz Brunner. The video begins with the statement, the regulations and executive orders in many states has just put a pallImagine you were born in 1900/ over all retailjewelry and non-jewelry alike.The question is what can be done? The manufacturing communityThe video then proceeded to cover the earth shattering has put on virtual programs to encourage retail jewelers to focus onevents of the 20th Century:business basics. JCK Shows and the Atlanta Show are attempting toIn 1914, World War I began and resulted inrun virtual trade shows. Atlanta is offering to run a combination virtual22 million deaths.show and a live show in October in Atlanta. Select Jewelry Show is holding a live show at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut on November 1-2. In 1918, the Spanish Flu Pandemic started and left The results of these efforts will be seen very soon. 50 million dead.In 1929, the New York Stock Exchange crashed The best I can say for these efforts is it takes courage and conviction toand resulted in the Great Depression, inflation, even try. I hate being negative and writing negative thoughts does notunemployment and a worldwide panic.help. So, I come back again to the same question, what can be done?I n 1933 the Nazis came to power and gave usWW II and resulted and 60 million deaths, including There is no cure-all. But, communication with your customer base is an6 million Jews.important key. Every form of communication is necessary. Advertising,In 1952, we fought the Korean War where nearlydirect mail, email, phone calls all play an important role in talking1 million combatants were killed.with your clients. Calling to say hello, how are managing through theIn 1964, we fought the Viet Nam War where 1.3 effects of this pandemic. Keeping in touch with no particular goal inmillion lives were lost. That war lasted until 1975.mind except keeping in touch makes a very positive impression. It demonstrates your concern and your thoughtfulness. Your sales staffThe video then brought home the idea todays young shouldbeencouragedtocalltheircustomersaswell.Thesecallspeople have no idea how difficult life can be, but their should take place irregularly but on a periodic basis, say every monthgrandparents survived much worse and included wars or six weeks. and catastrophes and another pandemic.Your advertising needs to continue lest your marketplace forgets whoToday, we complain about wearing masks, while we you are and what you do. Headline new and exciting merchandise thatenjoyallthecomfortsamidanewpandemic.We you just purchased. Newness attracts and sells! Remind your clientcomplainbecauseweareconfinedtoourhomes, base of upcoming weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. All are verywhere we have food, electricity, running water, WIFI appropriate jewelry gift giving events. Make sure your advertising hasand even Netflix.a regular schedule. Repetition is important.In the past century, humanity survived and never lost their Direct mail is another tool you can use to keep in touch with your clientjoy of living. A small change in perspective can generate base. A simple post card showing a new product you just selected canmiracles. Be thankful you are alive and do everything you whet the appetite of a customer for something new and different. need to do to protect and help each other. An lets not forget email. It is simple and easy to use to communicateIf you would like to see the video, you can access it at: with customers. You can make it a folksy note to say your just checking82bd5f69-c8e0-4c96-8698-9a52093a2ea3[2].mp4in and by the way you can announce that you are running a sale on gold chainat old prices -now that gold has surpassed its all time#####record price of $2,000 per ounce.Frank DallahanWhen times are tough, you have to do something to differentiate yourco-publisher of The Retail Jeweler business in the minds of your clients. Now that you have a few ideasEmail Frank@theRetailJeweler.comthefollowingparagraphsmayhelpyouputintoperspectivewhat weve been going through since March.8 | The Jewelry Business Magazine'