It’s hard to believe that ten years have passed so quickly since The Retail Jeweler launched its new trade publication in 2009. Those ten years have been filled with all the work needed to build a successful business. It began with a new business model focused on the independent retail jeweler to provide them with useful information. Useful information it seemed to us to be a principal element to differentiate our product from what existed at the time and has continued to this day. Useful information has to be usable for the 18,000 retailers reading the publication, so we enlisted prominent, knowledgeable experts from the industry as editorial contributors to write for us. People like Dave Sexton from Jewelers Mutual, David Brown from The Edge, Bill Boyajian from GIA, Ruth Mellergaard from Grid/3 International and many others as well. Whether it is security, business management concerns, or the latest in store design, The Retail Jeweler has positioned itself very well as the independent retail jewelers’ idea book for growing revenues and profits. We take this opportunity to thank our readers and advertisers who have helped us reach a high level of acceptance. It is your support that enables us to reach our mutual market-place. We look forward to serving you for many years to come. Sincerely, Ed Coyne Andy Kohler Frank Dallahan 8 | The Jewelry Business Magazine