THERETAIL JEWELER | 35 Some jewelers will get rich during those coming bad times. While others do what they did in 2007 and the following years – pull in their wings, reduce or eliminate their marketing, and hope it all blows over – smart jewelers will seize that opportunity and lap up abandoned market share and orphaned customers like a dog at his water bowl. CONCENTRATE ON THE FOLLOWING… 1.  Master pay per click advertising to bring in new customers. 2.  Focus on multi-channel marketing to attract new customers and get existing ones buying again. 3.  Hone systems and skills for email and text (digital channels); direct mail and telemarketing (analog channels) for cementing existing client relationships and encouraging regular, repeat purchases. 4.  Engage lead-generation campaigns with follow-up conversion funnels to bring in new customers. 5.  Test and track everything and only continue to use what works. Utilize these techniques to build business and compete effectively today, while building a marketing war chest to grow even faster when the crash does come. Do this and your successful exploitation of the Trump economy will be complete. Jim Ackerman Jim Ackerman is known at The Marketing Coach to the jewelry industry and has addressed jewelry retailers at the nations biggest marketing events, including JA New York, JCK, The Atlanta Jewelry Show and others. Jim Ackerman also provides jewelers with TURNKEY marketing solutions – including a Black Friday promotion – at