16 | The Jewelry Business Magazine HOW TO BE THE BEST JEWELER FOR ENGAGEMENT RINGS Are you the best jeweler? You could be. The first step is amazingly easy. It all starts with saying it. The most important step in being the best is simply telling people that you are. When you say, “I’m the best jeweler,” hopefully customers will believe it, but even more important, you will believe it and will act like it too. It works. At the age of only 36, U.S. Navy Commander Michael Abrashoff took the worst performing ship and in only 18 months made it the best performing ship in the Pacific. How did he do it? Commander Abrashoff changed how people on the ship greeted one another. He instructed his men to greet everyone with a hand shake and say, “Welcome to the best damn ship in the Navy.” That simple step was key to changing mindsets. Imagine if your employees started out each day saying to each other “Welcome to the best jewelry store in America.” Your whole day would be more positive. You could even greet customers saying “Hello. Welcome to the best jewelry store in America, now let’s play jewelry together”. Another reason saying you are the best works, is because it makes you more confident. The best sales people I know are also the most confident. That’s why people come into a retail store. They want someone confident to tell them what to buy. They want a confident person to show them value and trends. So, when selling jewelry, do not ask customers if they like a necklace. Tell them “this is the best necklace.” Be confident that you and your jewelry is the best and you will sell more of it. Remember, engagements, weddings, and anniversaries are all prime opportunities for jewelry gift giving. Begin with engagement rings and expand to the other wedding related categories. Becoming known in your market area for being the best engagement ring store enables you to move into other jewelry categories as well. 1 Start Acting Like You Are the #1 Engagement ring destination store in America. Invest in more diamonds, more rings, more prototypes, and more selection. Spend more thinking about your bridal business. Have fun events. Have contests for the best proposal stories. Have brides post their rings on your Facebook page. Act like the #1 place for bridal and you will become it. 2 Claim to Be #1. Tell everyone you are the #1 place to buy an engagement ring. Make your store a place engagement age people want to be. Have photo contests, events, give out ring pops, have a photo booth in your store, have a funny blinged out toilet seat in your bath room. Be more fun and young people will want to shop with you. 3 It’s hard to be good at everything so why not be super awesome at one thing. For example, “The World’s Fastest Ring-Sizer” or “Queen of Big Diamonds” people will believe it and remember it. Pick one thing and own it. 4 While you’re at it be the number one jeweler for all Wedding jewelry. Wedding rings. Diamond wedding rings Bride’s Maid gifts Groomsmen’s gifts By Aleah Arundale Aleah Arundale Aleah has never gained one customer by being professional. She is the most fun you can have selling diamonds. She is a third generation GIA Gemologist and a fifth generation jeweler, turned loose diamond wholesaler. Selling diamonds on the road lets her share great ideas with hundreds of different jewelers from all over the country. Sign up for her fun newsletter by emailing her atAleah@olympiandiamonds.com HOW TO BE THE BEST JEWELER