b'By David SextonKEEPYOUR JEWELRY BUSINESS AND DATASECUREDue to the pandemic, most states required the closing of all non-essential business, including jewelry businesses.With stores closed, burglaries and cyber-attacks pose a very real threat to your business and can result in significant losses. To make sure your jewelry store and online security is strong, not only during this challenging time, but for the rest of the year we offer the following ideas to help you manage.Neglecting security measures early on could leave your business exposed. Plus, not getting in the habit of security best practices will only get more difficult to change as the year progresses.STORE SECURITY Contact your alarm system provider to ensure that your alarm Here are a few important steps to take for ais providing the protection your business needs.quick check on your overall store security.Dontpostphotosthatrevealthelayoutofyourstoreor Moveyourinventorytoavaultorsecuredmerchandise displays anywhere online. This includes resources storage facility. Do not leave items in plain sight or in showcases.that your customers may use to find you such as Google My If you cannot get your stock to a bank vault or secured storageBusiness or Yelp. It can be tempting to give virtual tours of facility,herearesomesecurityrecommendationsforyouryour store as a way to connect with customers through social inventory:media while your business is closed, however, there is plenty of other content to share that would engage your customers Secure as much property as possible inside your safe.without putting you or your store in jeopardy. Consider the use of a bank safety deposit box for inventoryCYBER SECURITYthat cannot be placed into your safe or vault or at the veryWhileitmayseemnaturaltoinsureyour least, locked in a room inside the premises. inventoryandyourbuilding,dontforgetVerify every alarm signal with your alarm monitoring facility.to insure another very valuable part of your While safes and vaults are critical to limiting the amount ofbusiness: your data.merchandise stolen in burglaries, criminals have proven time and again that, if given enough time, they can compromiseIf you keep electronic records, complete payroll electronically themostdurableofsecurityequipment.Thatswhyyourand use credit card machines to process payments, youre at alarmandyourrelationshipwithyouralarmsystemrisk for data compromiseand it could have a big impact on provideris so valuable. If an alarm signal does go off, DOyour business.NOT IGNORE IT! TAKE ACTION!Continued to Pg 1816 | The Jewelry Business Magazine'