b'CELEBRITY BLING By Mia KatrinCelebrities sell. Whether its the Oscars, the Golden Globes, or random sightings of Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, we love to see pictures of our favorite celebs on TV, Instagram or Pinterest, modeling fresh new bling. And then we want to wear it, or something similar, ourselves. When Angelina Jolie wore Lorraine Schwartz $2.5 million emerald drop earrings at the 2009 Oscars, it set a trend thats still spawning replicas today. Tap into this celebrity culture to inspire your customers and fuel their aspirations. TIPS TO LEVERAGE THE BLING FACTOR:01 02 03 04During the Awards SeasonConsider designatingPosition your store asConsider hosting (including the Oscars and Goldena case in your storethe in store in youran Oscar Party by Globes), designate a savvy staffto celebrity inspiredarea, the cool store invitation only, with member to follow the shows andstyles. Make sure allin the know.champagne and hors report back on the hottest newyour sales staff is doeuvres, to watch styles and trends. Post picturesup to speed. TIP: Feature ads withthe live event as it of the Best Dressed on yournewest celebrity stylesunfolds. Encourage stores Instagram and Facebookand your stores similareveryone to wear their pages (you do have them, dontofferings.best Oscar bling!you?) along with similar styles you have to offer. 16 | The Jewelry Business Magazine'